"Physical therapy was really beneficial to me. Prior to my Synvac procedure, my Lewisburg surgeon recommended that I contact Mountaineer Physical Therapy to help strengthen my knee. Although I was apprehensive, I contacted Dr. Young and followed through with scheduled sessions after the Synvac procedure. I feel that my quick recovery was due to the strengthening therapy I received at Mountaineer Physical Therapy."

- H.D.

"I was very pleased with my therapy. It took care of my neck and shoulder problem. If I have trouble, I will be back!"

- P.C.

"Everyone was very friendly and courteous. I felt very relaxed with everyone on the staff."

- T.F.

"All personnel are courteous, sympathetic, and professional. Thanks so much for all the help!"

- E.R.

"My 16 year old son actually enjoyed and looked forward to his therapy sessions. The staff did such a great job! I think they made him feel so comfortable that he forgot about his pain. Thanks for being such an excellent place!"

- M.Y.

"The physical therapy I received has put me back to work and pain free. The staff is very friendly and makes you feel at ease."

- R.A.

"While at Mountaineer Physical Therapy, I felt secure at all times. The service was friendly and I loved to be with all the staff! Your service is excellent!"

- T.P.

"Thanks to your facility, I am heading a normal life. This was my first experience with physical therapy and I would recommend it to anyone. I saw improvement everyday. Thanks, Stephen and crew!"

- E.M.

"My experience at MPT was great! I received a lot of valuable information that has helped me rehabilitate my shoulder for college athletics."

- C.R.

"I had a great experience at Mountaineer Physical Therapy. The therapists are knowledgeable, friendly and did a great job. I would highly recommend Mountaineer Physical Therapy to anyone in need of physical therapy services."


"My success story is the love and care that you all gave me after my knee replacement. Every day that I came to therapy, Ciera encouraged me, Jason, Marianne, and Amanda always seemed glad to see me as I was them. Then there is Stephen. I have known him all of his life and he worked on my knee everyday. Yes, it was painful but well worth it as he told me pain and hard work would make me walk again. I had my surgery on November 19, 2009, went to therapy on November 24, 2009, on a walker and on February 13, 2009, I walked out straight and tall with no pain. My love and thanks go to all of you. I miss you all."

I would highly encourage anyone to come to Mountaineer Physical Therapy where they made me part of the family."

- L.R.

"I was very well pleased with my experience at Mountaineer Physical Therapy. Everyone was very friendly and concerned. I would highly recommend your services to anyone that needs physical therapy."

- G.B.

"As the result of a forty year profession that required lots of lifting, tugging, pulling, and standing for hours, I found in retirement that I was experiencing increasing hip pain and leg numbness. I was becoming a 'little old lady.' After a year with no improvement of symptoms, I decided to try physical therapy at the suggestion of my sister, a nurse. I chose Mountaineer Physical Therapy because of their convenient location and the positive recommendation of friends who had or knew folks who had been patients there.

I found them to always be friendly, encouraging, knowledgeable, and professional. Plus my therapy sessions were always ON TIME! After six weeks of therapy, my pain is less, the need for pain medication is less, and my flexibility is improved. I know there is some wear and pain associated with work and aging that cannot 'be fixed', but with therapy and my home exercise instructions, I am able to enjoy life, activities, and retirement much more. Thank you staff at Mountaineer Physical Therapy!"

- J.S.

"Jason was my therapist and I felt he was very professional and cared for me very well. I improved very much because of my therapy and would recommend Jason to my friends and family. He took the time to talk with me concerning my pain and was very friendly. Thank you Jason!"

- L.M.

"Mountaineer Physical Therapy was what I needed and they made me feel like I could achieve any form of getting better. Thank you all very much!"

- C.C.

"My physical therapy over a period of nine treatments was a success. The administrative personnel and the therapists were very knowledgeable and courteous. I will be happy to recommend Mountaineer Physical Therapy."

- L.M.F.

"I came to Mountaineer Physical Therapy because I had a broken ankle. I had no idea how to start walking again and I was also afraid that I would hurt my ankle again. The therapists there were great. Each week I could see a difference in my walking and the movement in my ankle. Most importantly, they also gave me peace of mind. I could not have done this without them. I am now walking and I would recommend Mountaineer Physical Therapy to anyone who needs help. If I ever need help again, that is where I will go. They care about their patients and they treat you like a friend. Thanks to all of you!"

- J.B.